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Full Life Cycle Software Development

iTenuto Soft provides professional and full service custom software development in multiple industries.

iTenuto Soft applies state-of-the art technologies to produce optimal products in the most efficient and effective manner.

iTenuto Soft performs complete system and hardware integration with the custom software developed.

iTenuto Soft has achieved a high level of accomplishment in software development. Please view the following project examples:

Development Tools Used in the iTenuto Soft Projects:

Objective-C, C#, .Net, C++, C, VB, Java, XML, Perl, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, DOM, XSD,
MFC, STL, Win32 API, Visual Studio 2008, Windows Forms, Windows Mobile, Bluetooth DLL, iPhone APIs, Xcode, Interface Builder.
Matlab, Keil uVision IDE, Cypress EZ-USB, SETM, ActiveSync,
MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle, ObjectStore, ActiveReport, Crystal Reports,
OpenGL, DirectX, CORBA, Orbix, OrbixWeb, EJB, J2EE, Swing,
SolidWorks, ANSYS, COSMOS, ABAQUS, Engineous iSight,
ASP, IIS, CGI, ClearCase, PVCS, SourceSafe, Subversion (SVN),
UML, Visio, Erwin, Borland Caliber, Tiger Pro, etc.

iTenuto Soft Process for Software Life Cycle Development:

  • Requirements analysis – Business, User, and Functional Requirements
  • Specification – Prototyping, Use Cases, Data & System Models, Project Plans
  • Architecture – software and hardware systems, firmware and other software products
  • Design, implementation and testing – Reviews, Feedback, Delivery, Unit testing, Change Management, Documentation
  • Deployment and maintenance – Integration, Releases, Training and Support, Fixes, Enhancements

iTenuto Soft Approaches for Software Life Cycle Development:

  • A good project/product plan – Professional planning to produce a sound product
  • Customer satisfaction by rapid, continuous delivery of useful and good working software
  • Working software is delivered frequently (days/weeks rather than months)
  • Working software is the principal measure of progress
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design
  • Simplicity and efficiency

For your custom project, small and large, short and long term, iTenuto Soft delivers the most professional and effective software products for you. To find out how iTenuto Soft can help you (your company) reach it’s FULL potential please call 720-204-0757 or send an email to iapps @